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Off road racing 3d

Jeux de courses
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Madness impassable offroad is now available to anyone!Go to truly hard-challenging levels and try to complete them.Earn money and try to set up the necessary combination of upgrades for each level.Realistic car physics, realistic upgrades.Now 8 levels.
v1.9FIXED: Optimization for Mali-400 based GPU.CHANGED:Changed garage music.v1.8CHANGED: Improved car stability in left-right directions.CHANGED: Level 1 simplified.CHANGED: Level 7 optimized.CHANGED: Added level 8: Mountains.v1.7FIXED: Glitch with the sound of the engine.CHANGED: Improved responsiveness pedals.CHANGED: Design of the garage.v1.6FIXED: Some background design defects at garage and level 5. CHANGED: Splash screen.v1.5FIXED: Smoke incorrect color, suspension upgrade 3 wrong picture.v1.4FIXED: Upgrades not worked sometimes.v1.3FIXED: Menu worked incorrect sometimes.